issue 010, 2018

New solutions use technology to keep patients moving

BY Robin Bush VP, Medical Networks, Sedgwick

Technology is making connections easier for patients. Recently, Sedgwick introduced two new online managed care services designed to help patients keep their appointments, minimize the burden of transit, and streamline their recovery process.

Rideshare tool
Often, limited access to reliable transportation is the reason medical appointments are missed. When injured employees miss medical appointments, it can impede their progress and complicate their recovery. In addition, missed appointments cost the U.S. healthcare system more than $150 billion each year. Sedgwick’s new rideshare service provides easy accessto reliable transportation and ensures injured employees keep their appointments.

Our rideshare solution offers direct access to over half a million drivers nationwide. After a Sedgwick colleague makes a referral, the active trip can be monitored in real time. The injured employee will receive a text 10 minutes ahead of their pick-up time and they can send a text back to request a return ride after their appointment. There is no cost to the injured employee and a post-ride survey ensures satisfaction. The rideshare information including the ride details and related billing are applied to the claim electronically.

This new rideshare tool leverages the on-demand capabilities of our transportation network, connecting users with all possible options to ensure they stay on schedule with their medical appointments.

TelePT services
In some states, an injured employee who needs physical therapy (PT) can complete their appointments from the comfort of their home using telePT services. Sedgwick now offers telePT in Florida, Georgia, New Jersey and North Carolina. Throughout the next year, we plan to expand the service to several states including Arizona, California, Indiana, Nebraska and Pennsylvania.

person exercising

Depending on their diagnosis, an injured employee who has been prescribed PT can choose to see a physical therapist for follow-up appointments via telePT. Similar to telemedicine, our telePT service gives the injured employee access to on-screen guidance to help them recover. The service is provided by licensed physical therapists who are specially trained in telePT. Sessions are scheduled outside the workplace and at a time and place that is convenient for the employee. 

Employees learn correct exercises, appropriate muscle use, posture and positioning. TelePT also helps employees with strengthening and endurance even after they have returned to work. The service includes educational materials and video demonstrations of exercises to foster recovery. If the employee is expected to have more than two telePT visits, they may receive a packet of tools, such as a foam roller or elastic bands for strengthening exercises. A primary objective of telePT is to help injured employees correctly perform exercises independently and help them reduce the chanceof re-injury. 

TelePT is one of several managed care solutions we provide that use technology to connect patients with licensed providers for healthcare that does not require an in-person visit. Additional telehealth and telemedicine services provided by Sedgwick include clinical consultation, telephonic case management, utilization review (UR), complex pharmacy management, pharmacy UR and behavioral health.