issue 020, 2023 q1

Edging up

Short takes on industry trends, emerging issues and service enhancements

Latest index reports show opposite trends in U.S., European product recalls

By Chris Harvey
senior vice president, client services, Sedgwick

The latest ups and downs of U.S. and European product recalls — as well as the economic, regulatory and legal issues affecting product safety across multiple industries — are reflected in Sedgwick’s product recall index reports for the third quarter of 2022.

According to the U.S. product recall index report, the number of total units recalled in the U.S. surpassed 1 billion for the year — marking 2022 as a record-breaker months ahead of year’s end. By the end of September, U.S. recalls had reached a 20-year high and included products such as automotive equipment, baby formula, blueberries and deli meat. However, the European product recall index report noted that, in Q3, the overall number of recall events in Europe fell 8.8% compared to Q2. The pharmaceutical and medical device industries saw the largest declines.

What’s behind these trends? Our product recall index reports dive more deeply into:

  • Top safety risks
  • Top causes of recalls in five industries: automotive, consumer products, food and beverage, medical device and pharmaceutical
  • Best practices for navigating the current business and regulatory environment
  • The latest recall data and what’s in store for 2023

These quarterly reports offer a comprehensive resource for manufacturers and retailers seeking impartial, reliable analysis and perspective on recalls and product safety trends. The Q4 2022 index reports will be available on our website in early March 2023.

Sedgwick provides a wide range of brand protection solutions to assist clients with product recalls, remediation and customer retention. To learn more about these services, visit our website. For our latest blogs, updates and industry thought leadership, visit our website and follow Sedgwick’s news at


Emerging solutions

Clinical services expanded for disability claims

Pam Hoekstra
senior vice president, operations, Sedgwick
Rhonda Stribling
director, clinical, Sedgwick

Sedgwick’s disability claims management team has expanded the clinical services provided for employees with mental health issues, long-term and progressive diseases, and those facing joint replacement surgeries. Our clinical behavioral health specialists offer expert guidance and resources to help employees overcome psychosocial barriers. For those with long-term diseases, our nurses provide a compassionate care service to help them navigate the challenges of life and work. Our team also includes surgery nurses who help employees prepare for and recover from joint replacement surgeries. These specialized clinical services focus on the employee’s overall health and wellness and provide a more holistic approach to the claims experience.

Commercial surveying services grow

Peter Farrelly
managing director, commercial claims services, Sedgwick

Sedgwick’s commercial surveying services in the UK recently expanded with the addition of Kerr Baxter Associates (KBA), a multidisciplinary property and construction consultancy firm. As a part of Sedgwick, the team provides project surveying and architectural services. They also have experience providing construction design and management advice and principal designer services to clients in both the public and private sectors. See our press release to learn more.

EFI Global enhances engineering and failure analysis solutions

Matthew Rodda
vice president, western region, EFI Global

Davis Patrikios Criswell (DPC), a Memphis-based firm providing structural and civil engineering design services, recently joined EFI Global, expanding the team’s capabilities in the U.S. EFI Global, a division of Sedgwick, offers the widest range of engineering, fire investigation, environmental, failure analysis, accident reconstruction and laboratory testing services available in one company. As a part of EFI Global, they provide specialized services that include completing inspections on existing projects and recommending safe, reliable and environmentally responsible methods of repairing and replacing defective elements in structure rebuilds. For more, see our press release.


Managing Europe’s rise in motor liability claims

By Ruth Leggett
CEO, Ireland, Sedgwick

For the past two years, businesses in Europe have seen motor liability claim volumes grow. The increase that began post-pandemic, coupled with a shortage of claims handlers across Europe, continues to create challenges for insurance carriers and policyholders. Sedgwick’s motor liability claims services and resource solutions provide strategic support that can help clients manage the rise in claims.

Our regional hub in Ireland offers a full range of motor liability claims solutions for European clients in Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands and the UK. Our experts provide claims oversight, coordinate with carriers, manage recoveries, and assist with car rental claims and other recovery-related services. The team helps clients with motor liability claims involving property damage, bodily injury or third-party damage.

We also offer resource solutions in Ireland and the wider international arena to assist clients in need of short-, medium- and long-term placements and help them find ideal candidates for permanent positions. We can provide resourcing capacity for administrative staff, desk adjusters, managers and supervisors to enable clients to efficiently and effectively manage their business while maintaining high-quality service for their customers. Our experienced team works with clients to provide support and expertise matching their needs. To learn more about these services, see our press release.

We address resource solutions and some of the broader challenges facing employers today in Pressure-proofing the workforce in this issue of edge.