issue 009, 2017

Community spotlight

First responders demonstrate that courage counts

BY DAVE NORTH President and CEO, Sedgwick

At Sedgwick, taking care of people is at the heart of everything we do. Our job is to provide assistance and support when the unexpected occurs. But more often than not, our colleagues are not the first ones at the scene when there’s an injury at work, a natural disaster, an outbreak of violence, an auto accident, a fire or a health crisis. It’s the community first responders—police, firefighters, paramedics and emergency medical providers, search and rescue teams, military members and other brave professionals—who are on the front lines, ensuring everyone’s health and safety during uncertain times and demonstrating how courage counts.

Each year, leading up to the holidays, Sedgwick conducts an awareness and fundraising campaign to support and promote a cause that is meaningful to our customers, community and colleagues globally. Reflecting on some of the painful events of the past year—hurricanes, wildfires, earthquakes, terror attacks and more—we were drawn to the bravery of the men and women who ran toward danger, rather than away from it, to save the lives and property of others. In recognition of their sacrifice and heroism, we have dedicated our 2017 holiday campaign to honoring all the first responders who epitomize how courage counts in times of crisis.

This year, Sedgwick is donating $50,000 to charities supporting the physical and emotional needs of first responders around the world. This cause holds significant meaning for me because of my own experience as a veteran and a firefighter; I am especially pleased to dedicate Sedgwick’s gift in honor of our valued clients and business partners.

Additionally, we have mobilized Sedgwick colleagues around the world to help us demonstrate our collective gratitude to first responders. In support of the communities where we operate, our colleagues are participating in holiday activities at local police stations and fire houses, bringing meals to emergency personnel who are at work—rather than with family and friends—on the holidays, and delivering thank-you cards to the heroes who make a difference in their local areas.

photos in gift boxes


We’re also recognizing first responders within the Sedgwick family—colleagues and their relatives in the armed forces and who volunteer as firefighters, auxiliary police, ambulance corps team members and more. Please visit our website and watch our social media channels to see how our colleagues and offices around the world are participating.

Do you know a first responder hero whose generosity of spirit you want to recognize this holiday season? Help us honor them on social media by using the hashtag #SedgwickCourageCounts and tagging @Sedgwick in your messages.

I would be remiss not to acknowledge another group especially deserving of our thanks: the tireless team of adjusters that has gone above and beyond the call of duty in the latter part of this year to aid in managing an influx of property claims from one of the most destructive hurricane seasons on record. While we tend to think of first responders as professionals like EMTs, firefighters and police officers, this year we can add to that list the many colleagues from across the Sedgwick and Vericlaim family who have been on the ground from day one to assist in the areas of greatest need (read more about our hurricane response efforts in this issue, “Three powerful hurricanes – one extraordinary team”). We are grateful to everyone who has pitched in to help those working to rebuild their homes and their lives in the aftermath of these catastrophic storms. Their personal sacrifices, attention to detail, and commitment to demonstrating that caring counts have not gone unnoticed.

This past year, first responders were called upon like never before. We look back on 2017 with renewed appreciation for everyone who aided those in times of need, and ahead to 2018 with a sense of hope that their vital services will be in far less demand next year.