issue 001, 2015 q2

Looking back

Each quarter, we will look back at some of our most popular Sedgwick Connection blog posts. Let’s look back first at our top three posts of all time.

BY Jonathan Mast Social Media Director, Sedgwick

The most read post since our launch in April 2013, and the post that still ranks monthly in our top 10, is titled, “A look at marijuana and workers’ compensation.” Darrell Brown, Chief Performance Officer had this to say,

Marijuana, even for medicinal use, remains illegal under federal law. The conflict between state and federal laws remains a source of confusion regarding the rights and responsibilities of the employer, physician and injured employee, and has likely limited the number of requests submitted for authorization to treat with medical marijuana.”

One year later, it ranked #6 in interest. This continued interest shows that even though the debate has ebbed somewhat on legalizing marijuana for medical use, employers and others are still confused, concerned or just curious about what it all means for use in the workers’ compensation arena.

Find additional perspective from Darrell on this topic in his edge article, “Regulation-less nation“.


The second most read post, “Why employers need to pay more attention to stressed-out employees” should come as no surprise. The American workforce sees increasing demands at home and at the office, which is compounding stress.

Our thought leaders have given great insight into managing stress in the workplace through multiple blog articles on this topic – read more.


Rounding out the top three most popular blog posts to date is, “How to fix the spiraling cost and utilization of compound drugs.” In this blog, the following statistic should make you want to read the whole post,

the California Workers’ Compensation Institute (CWCI) reports that the use of compounded medications increased by 71.9% from 2012 to 2013, with per user, per year costs rising 126% over 2012.

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issue 001, 2015 q2

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issue 001, 2015 q2

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